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Have you ever ridden on the roof of  a COLOMBIAN  jeep? from the rebuilt town of EL PEÑOL to “LA MANUELA” ranch this is an exacting adventure for thrill seeker 


know the history about “LA MANUELA” ranch and all the extravagant possessions that PABLO ESCOBAR had only



The best thing about the ESCOBAR PAITBALL TOUR is that you can make friends fron all around the world playing whit them in the most unique PAINTBALL  while  where you can catch to ESCOBAR and be a hero for you team.


After a day full of fun and listening to stories about the most notorious drug lord of all time and explore his property then take a boat through the lakes of GUATAPE which is one of the most beautiful towns of COLOMBIA.

Spend an amazig day with your friends drinking coffe in one of the most beautifull and colorful towns in COLOMBIA and remember our guides ar your friends.

The tour finish climbing the second biggest rock.of south america. In this place you will enjoy an amazing view of one of the most beautifull landscape ever.